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Here is the Guild Rule for Imperium, joining the guild means you agree to follow these rules and stand by the rules:

Section 1. Basic Rules
1. Beggars who constantly ask for things are not welcome.
    *This includes asking for help on dungeon far exceeding your own level, constant asking for help to leveling, and etc.
2. Try not to raise conflict, limit the usage of vulgar/rude/explict words.
    *This means don't make the guild chat/public chat into a war-zone by insulting people.
3. Once kicked by the guild you will not be accepted again. (*Except for special reasons*)
    *This means don't bother applying again if you were kicked for violating the rules.
    *Leaving guild without notice will be count as a warning the first time only.
4. Each player is allowed up to 3 characters in the guild.
5. No hacking or bot programs allowed.
6. Avoid sharing account/borrow equipments with other people.
    *The guild is not responsible for players lending equipment and get stolen, please do it at your own risk.
7. Non-active members will be kicked on random basis, please at least sign on once in a while to say hi.    
   *(15week+) You may apply again if you are kicked from the guild due to this reason.
8. Your actions can reflect the guild image, beware of what you say and do in the community.
9. Do not brag or be arrogant, please play with modesty.

Section 2. Rules on Guild Chat
1. Do not constantly spam guild chat with nonsense.
2. Avoid using guild chat to ask for help on homework/personal problems. Feel free to use PMs.
3. When guild members ask for help on particular game related problems, help out if you can.
4. Type in notice that you will be AFK if you will be away for good amount of time to make sure others don't feel you are neglecting them.

Section 3. Rules on PVP
1. Any form of PVP must be turned off inside dungeons/missions whether you are doing with guild members or not.
2. Do not turn PVP on if you can't accept your own defeat.
3. If you get into a PVP squabbles you will be removed from the guild.

Section 4. Rules on Membership and Recommending Recruits

1. You can only recommend recruits if you are a senior member.
    *You may only recommend 2 recruits every 6 months, and this does not carry over if you didn't use it.
2. You will obtain senior membership status when you have passe the senior membership test.
    *The exception to this is if you do not log in often enough.
3. When recommending recruits please tell them to read the guild rules first and they have to agree to accept it.
4. The recruit is still required to fill out the application for joining even if he/she is recommended.
5. If you are having trouble to cope with certain member's behavior, sent a note to me or the Officer and we will determine whether if is a problem.
6. The leader have the right to reject recommendations if he sees a problem with the recommended recruit.

Section 5. Rules on Guild Funds
1. Gold donation not required, donating GP (Guild Points) is welcomed.
2. All Gold donation should be at minimum of 50K Gold.
3. Guild Funds will be only used for events, it will never be used for personal uses.

Section 6. Rules Kicking Members
1. Any violation to the rules in section 1, 2 and 3 will result in being kicked.
2. If certain member report you being difficult/problem and I believe it is a problem, I will send you a warning. After 3 warnings, You will be kicked.
    (*Certain behavior will result in kick without being warned)

Section 7. Miscellaneous Remarks from the Leader
1. If you need opinion on how to be more combat oriented, you can ask members for help. Some of the members are very combat oriented.
2. Guild cannot run on one person, so we need every member's help to run it, get involved in guild chats and share your thoughts but do not spam.
3. Everyone has different opinions, conflicts are bond to happen. Try not to get too dramatic and keep cool from arguing over silly matters over a game.
4. I am not the strongest nor the best, I am just here to enjoy the game, I don't want to see people insulting people in guild chat calling other people names, I am sure a lot of you don't either.
5. This is not a competitive guild, aside from having basic proper behavior and common etiquette, I will not restrict on how you want to play.