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How to Join

Hi! Thank you for being interested in applying for our guild membership!
All people are welcome to apply, but we'd like to get to know you a little better first. Please follow the following steps when applying for our guild. Don't be afraid to apply because you are bad at the game or very low leveled, those are not requirements at all.

[Note: The Guild is on NA Ruairi Server only, if there's any other server with this Guild Name, we are not affiliated with them]

Step 1.
Please read the Guild Rules in the rules section before applying. Sending an application means that you agrees to the Guild Rule terms that any violations to it will result in you being kicked from the guild.

Step 2.
Send an application through either the Guild List Function or the Guild Stone Function. Send a note to "Solar" in game saying you are applying for the guild and fill out the guild application HERE and wait for the confirmation. (Up to 1 week waiting period).

Step 3.
If you are rejected because of any reason, you will be noted with the reason you were rejected. e.g. rejected because you were in the guild before but left without a valid reason.

Q: I sent an application, why haven't I been accepted?
A: sending an application only start the process, please wait patiently for the application being reviewed.

Q: Do I have to follow this process?
A: Yes, following the application process is required for acceptance.