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Member Bios Update and Event In Progress

posted Jun 9, 2009, 11:39 AM by Solar Lunare
Okay, so I have made a new format for the member bios now, except for Yoorah, I don't have access to his file for some reason /_\ . But anyway, basically the format is used because certain member have relatively large pictures which caused the Google Documents to have a double rolling scroll bar, which is not very desired and therefore I made up the new format. Check my profile to see what it should look like. I would put up more skill chart but I dont think is neccessary, and since we are a production guild I think is more suitable for us to list our production skills.

The second thing is we have our first event going on now, which is listed inside the forum under the guild registration. I hope people realize this event is for fun not for the prize, but anyways be sure to read it in the forums and register!