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About Us

Imperium Guild Background:

The Imperium Guild came into existence in 7/10/2008, the guild was formed on the basis to be a production guild that would have players working together in life skills. The guild name "Imperium" is actually not named after the game "Imperium" itself, but rather the after the item "Emperium" in Ragnarok Online. The word "Imperium" itself is a term indicating a characteristic of people, the wealth held in items, or the measure of formal power they had, which we thought would fit well with a production based guild.

The Guild Mascot:

By changing the word Emperium and Imperium, the guild became commonly know as the "Imps". Soon enough, the Guild Mascot is made by popular demand to be the "Imp". Why the Imps? Because they are funny little monsters in game that says the funniest things. Banner Imps in the Barri Dungeon also have the coolest things to say in game. In all, imps are one of the monsters in game that have the funniest characteristics, and we like funny monsters!

The Guild Title:

The Imperium Guild have the Guild Title: "the FOE", and in addition with Guild Robe to symbolize the FOE.

FOE stands for Foedus Obrepit Errabundus or Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens, which is latin for "the vile, wandering one sneaks up." The basis for the title comes from the Game: Etrain Odyessy, where the mini boss and bosses are called FOE. If you want to know more about FOE you can google it or use Youtube. The best way to get a feel of what a FOE is though, is probably though playing the game itself.

Here's a Flash Video: